What is the Injectable?

The Injectable is one of the most effective methods of preventing pregnancy. Many people refer to it as the Injection.

A woman produces an egg every month. If this egg meets a man’s sperm, the sperm will fertilize the egg and she will become pregnant. The Injectable prevents pregnancy by preventing the release of the egg and making it difficult for the sperm to travel up into a woman’s womb. So, no egg, no fertilization, no unplanned pregnancy.

There are three kinds of Injectables. One type of Injectable protects you from pregnancy for one month. Another type protects you from pregnancy for two months. There is a third type that protects you for three months. You and your health provider can decide which method suits you best.

When you decide you are ready for a child, all you need to do is stop taking the Injectable and you should get pregnant in a few months. The Injectable is one of many contraceptive choices open to women and couples in the Caribbean.

You should know...

Does it protect me from HIV/AIDS or other Sexually Transmitted Diseases?
No, it won’t protect you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases or HIV/AIDS. If you have any concerns about this, you should use a condom. Condoms are the best protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Won’t I have a build-up of blood if I have no period?NO! 
There is no build-up of blood. The process that normally causes your monthly bleeding stops for a while if you are on the two or three-month Injectable. Your monthly period will return a few months after you stop using the Injectable.
There are other contraceptives out there. Why should I use the Injectable
Good Question.
You should consider the Injectable if:
-You do not want to take a Pill every day -You cannot remember to take the Pill a day -You do not want to deal with a monthly period -You are anaemic. Not having a monthly period will help you.
Are there any other benefits to using the Injectable?
Yes. The benefits depend on the type of Injectable you are using.

-If you are using the three-month Injectable, you will get some protection from:
-Cancer of the lining of the uterus. -Fibroids of the uterus. -Iron deficiency anaemia because it reduces blood loss during your periods. -Sickle cell crises if you have sickle cell anaemia. Your nurse or doctor will explain the various benefits and side effects of the different Injectables to you.

Frequently Asked Questions